Want Reliable Internet For All Computers? Get Creative With Ethernet Cables


As a homeowner, you will find that one of the most effective ways to improve your Internet connection is by looking at the available internet access providers and picking the fastest plan. Once you make this change, you may see a noticeable increase in speeds across your connected devices. If you know that some of your devices are connectable through an Ethernet cable, you may want to go wired. While you may be able to connect one or two devices that are close to your modem and router, you may need to get creative to hook an Ethernet cable up to devices in other rooms.

8 October 2019

Features You May Not Realize a DVR Can Do


If you've never had a DVR from your local television provider, you may not be aware of what kind of features these devices actually do. They are much more than a glorified VCR since they have the following features you were likely not aware of. Skip Commercials With Ease You may be well aware that DVRs allow you to fast forward through commercials, but did you know that modern DVRs are making it easier than ever to perform this task?

12 July 2019

How To Troubleshoot Frequent Internet Connection Problems


Sometimes there will be the most obvious reasons why you are having trouble connecting to the internet. It could be that a cable has come out or you have knocked Wi-Fi off by mistake. The router could have been unplugged and not plugged back in. Once you have checked all these things, you need to start looking further. Some of the easier problems to solve are: Checking that the website is not faulty, and if it is, just return to it later.

29 April 2019