3 Main Benefits Of Colocation


When you think about hosting your own servers for your company's needs, you might think about having this equipment on-site in your office. Many companies do have their servers within their offices and let their IT teams handle everything. However, this isn't always the best option. An even better choice for many companies is colocation, in which you have your server equipment hosted off-site at a data center. Even though you might generally try to keep things in-house when you can, colocation can have a lot of benefits.

9 December 2015

Tips For Executing Effective And Organized Data Center Management


Data center management is stressful and can be harder to execute when the physical aspects of your infrastructure become disorganized and messy. Taking steps to maintain constant organization is the key to your data center running efficiently and smoothly all of the time. Follow these tips for making the changes you need to provide the best level of data center services. Cables Can Be A Hindrance If your servers have cables coming from them that are too long, chances are they are in the way when it comes time to make vital server repairs.

11 November 2015

Gaming Doesn't Have To Be Full Of Lag


Spells won't cast. Guns won't shoot. When running around the online game world, it may seem like no one is responding to you, and you're too slow to respond to the world. No, the game world isn't ignoring you, but your Internet may need a stern talking to. If you're dealing with Internet lag or have some kind of Internet gaming problem and can't put your finger on the exact issue, take a look at a few symptoms of online gaming performance problems.

28 October 2015

3 Great Benefits of Colocation Service


The success of any business that you run really depends on high-quality information technology. Whether you have a small business with a few computers and a company e-mail address or an expansive operation with multiple web sites, interactive software, apps, and other processes, you will need to find the best ways to manage those resources. One of the best ways to go about this is through the help of a colocation company.

25 June 2015