Features You May Not Realize a DVR Can Do


If you've never had a DVR from your local television provider, you may not be aware of what kind of features these devices actually do. They are much more than a glorified VCR since they have the following features you were likely not aware of.

Skip Commercials With Ease

You may be well aware that DVRs allow you to fast forward through commercials, but did you know that modern DVRs are making it easier than ever to perform this task? It is possible for a DVR to analyze a show after it has finished recording and identify all the commercial breaks. This allows you to skip over the commercial break with a single push of a button rather than having to jump around and time it perfectly. 

Watch Shows Faster

Do you love watching TV so much that you seem to have a backlog of shows to get through? If so, know the DVRs allow you to watch a show faster than you normally would. Some DVRs have the ability to speed up the show slightly, by around 30%, while maintaining the proper pitch of the audio. This allows you to speed up the time it takes to get through a show so that you can move on to the next one. 

Stream to Your Phone

Long gone are the days where you actually have to be in front of your TV to watch the shows recorded to your DVR. Now you have the ability to stream a show to your cell phone or tablet to watch it in other rooms of the home. This feature can easily solve arguments when you can't decide who watches the only TV in the home since your shows are not locked to a single device.

You even have the ability to download shows to take them on the go so that you do not use your cellular data. This can be great for watching shows on an airplane or during your daily commute where streaming is not possible. 

Discover New Content

Do you have a show that you love, but you just finished the entire series? DVRs can help introduce you to related content that others with similar tastes have watched. This can help you discover shows that you would have otherwise missed due to not knowing what day and time it airs. You can even discover content by actor, finding other shows that they have been in that may interest you. 


12 July 2019

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