How To Troubleshoot Frequent Internet Connection Problems


Sometimes there will be the most obvious reasons why you are having trouble connecting to the internet. It could be that a cable has come out or you have knocked Wi-Fi off by mistake. The router could have been unplugged and not plugged back in. Once you have checked all these things, you need to start looking further. Some of the easier problems to solve are:

  • Checking that the website is not faulty, and if it is, just return to it later.

  • Making sure there is not an issue with the IP address, and if there is, you should change it.

  • Checking to see if there is a problem with your firewall; sometimes genuine sites will be blocked by your internet service provider in the same way that problematic ones can be.

Wireless internet

Even if you do not normally have a problem where you are, there will be times when you are just outside the acceptable range. This can happen if there is a weak signal and you are on the periphery of it. It is also possible that there has been a change in your wireless network configuration. This is more likely to be the case when encryption is needed, and another person alters the passphrases. Even if you could access the internet in the past, you will not be able to do it now. Check this has not happened, and if you are trying to access the internet from a hotspot, double-check the details you have for signing in. Make sure your wireless internet services covers the entire premises of your office space and that it is up to date in terms of speed and internet connection protocol.

Are your payments up to date?

If you are behind with payments, your internet service provider may prevent you from getting online. This tends to happen more when you are paying to use your laptop in a specific area or if you are using a lot more bandwidth than you are paying for. It could even be because one of your employees has been downloading content that is illegal. The only way to change this is to contact your ISP and work through the issues with them.

Computer glitches

The problem may be your computer rather than the internet service provider and their equipment. Excessive use can lead to the internet disconnecting, and while sometimes you may log back in, there will be times when there has to be a break.

Run a security check and deal with any malware that may be found. If you are using a Windows computer, you will be able to reset the network connection. Finally, reboot the computer and, hopefully, the issue will have been resolved.

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29 April 2019

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