Key Things To Know About Satellite Internet Service


If you're in the market for internet access, you may be considering the benefits of satellite internet. While many people are unfamiliar with satellite service for internet, the television service is pretty popular. You might wonder if satellite internet is worth the investment, or if it's as unpredictable as satellite television has the reputation to be. Here are some things you should know about satellite internet service before you choose the provider you want to work with.

Satellite Internet Is Comparable In Cost

When it comes to the monthly plan fees, satellite internet service isn't priced much different than your cable or DSL service would be. The only difference in cost is typically associated with the equipment investment, because you'll have to pay for both the satellite and the modem instead of just the modem. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars up front for the equipment, but then you'll have nothing but the monthly service fee to pay going forward.

Satellite Internet Can Be Inconsistent

In most cases, satellite internet connection speeds are pretty consistent. Unfortunately, because of the volume of users that are often connected to a given satellite, the connection speeds and page loads can slow some during periods of heavy use. In peak times, such as in the evenings and on the weekends, you may notice some inconsistencies in your connection speeds. If you like to stream videos during this time, use a streaming service that buffers so that it is loading the video ahead of where it streams.

Satellite Internet Can Be Affected By Weather

Just like satellite television, satellite internet can be affected by the weather, too. Neither are as sensitive to weather changes as they were in the past, but severe storms, heavy cloud cover, and similar issues can block the returning signal to your satellite dish. If you rely on your connection for work or similar purposes, it's always best to have a backup connection if you live somewhere where the weather gets bad.

Satellite Internet Is Affected By Some Latency

When you think about the fundamentals of satellite signals, there's no surprise that you will experience some latency in your satellite signal. It takes time for that signal to travel to the space-orbiting satellite and then back to the device on your roof, but it won't be significant. You shouldn't notice any marked difference in page loads beyond a second or two.

Speak with local internet providers for more information.


18 July 2018

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