Tips For Executing Effective And Organized Data Center Management


Data center management is stressful and can be harder to execute when the physical aspects of your infrastructure become disorganized and messy. Taking steps to maintain constant organization is the key to your data center running efficiently and smoothly all of the time. Follow these tips for making the changes you need to provide the best level of data center services.

Cables Can Be A Hindrance

If your servers have cables coming from them that are too long, chances are they are in the way when it comes time to make vital server repairs. This can especially become a problem when you are making cable patches. Using only the length of cable necessary for making a successful patch is best to avoid long cables from becoming messy. Color coding cables can also save time during repairs. If your IT professionals have to spend time digging through cables to find the one they need to focus on, the time doing so is costing not only you more time and money, but your customers as well. For example, using yellow markers for single mode fibers and blue for copper cables can help to save time distinguishing between the two when all cables have a black exterior.

Planning Ahead Has Benefits

If your center is small, but you are adding new servers on a regular basis, planning head for them can help you stay organized and save time in the future. For example, if you add enough conduits for more than the numbers you have today, you will not have to worry about it later on during the addition of new servers. Also, avoid placing server racks in hard to reach places. This can save you time trying to reach them later for making repairs. Anytime you see the opportunity for saving time for maintenance and new additions, doing so always has the benefit of less stressful management.

Reducing Energy Usage Shows Effective Center Management

The larger the physical aspects of server are, the more energy it will take to run them. This is an especially important aspect of successful data center management to consider: saving energy also allows you to save money. Consider reducing your servers' sizes through virtualization, which also reduces the amount of energy necessary to power them. Increasing the set point temperate for your server operation can also be a way to save energy usage.

When a data center is organized and running smoothly, you can rest assured other choices you need to make about server and overall center functioning will be a lot easier. Take the time to make a list of the steps you can take for making the changes necessary in your data center for easier time and money saving management. Contact a data center company, like Cologix, for more information.


11 November 2015

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