Gaming Doesn't Have To Be Full Of Lag


Spells won't cast. Guns won't shoot. When running around the online game world, it may seem like no one is responding to you, and you're too slow to respond to the world. No, the game world isn't ignoring you, but your Internet may need a stern talking to. If you're dealing with Internet lag or have some kind of Internet gaming problem and can't put your finger on the exact issue, take a look at a few symptoms of online gaming performance problems.

What Is Lag?

Lag isn't a term specific to gaming, although it has become a major part of gaming culture. In networking, lag is any delay in a network. Small amounts of lag (known more formally as latency) can be tolerated, but long delays can congest the entire network.

In gaming, lag can happen in multiple areas. It could be the game servers, although a professional online game should have limited instances of lag if they want to keep their customers. Lag is more likely to be on the your side--the customer side, which can be attributed to various reasons if you aren't a computer professional.

The third issue is the Internet at large, or more specifically the different Internet Service Providers providing linking infrastructure between you and the game server. The third issue is almost entirely out of your control, so focus on the Internet issues on your side.

How Does Lag Manifest Itself?

The introduction discussed slow spell casting or bullet firing, but what does that mean? Here's an explanation that links your game performance to your Internet's performance.

First, the fantasy game example. On many fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), magic, special weapon attacks or other skills are accompanied by a filling bar for casting a spell or a swirling icon over the ability.

For instant abilities, your attack should launch as soon as you press the button. For spells with a cast time, the spell should start filling the bar and then complete the cast in the specified time. A spell caster may stand in place, casting a spell seemingly forever. A two second spell takes four or five seconds, or an instant attack suddenly seems to have a cast time!  If there's any delay other than what the game lists for your ability, you're likely dealing with some kind of Internet lag. 

For shooting games, this may be a bit different because of the design of the game. There may be many different types of weapons, but they all generally fire projectiles at a player or part of the environment. Your weapon may fire, and you may think that you're hitting a target, but the other players may stand in place without taking damage or may zip around the game out of control.

If players are flying around the game faster than normal, either they're having Internet issues, you're having Internet issues or someone is hacking to alter the game's network. Just to be safe, you may need to discuss your Internet options with a local Internet Service Provider.

There could be something wrong with your local wiring, or you may need a network technician to examine your computer and home network equipment. For more information, visit or a similar website.


28 October 2015

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